: I am looking to buy a few things for my 3.6 CTS

06-22-07, 02:47 AM
Let me know if you are selling the following. I am trying to get rid of my stock yucky CTS Grill hate the way it looks. Anyways if you have the following let me know! I can pay you immediatly.

CTS V Mesh Grill Top/Bottom

Clear Fog lights

Bumper Plugs if you have any laying around for the front bumper license plater (im just plugging them for now)

2 Exhaust Tips / the chrome screw ons u see on eBay

Lindsay Cadillac Parts
06-22-07, 11:26 AM
The Lower Grille Is $257.37
Upper Grille $365.88
Sts-v Fog Lamps $136.00 Each
Gm Accessory Exhaust Tips $85.00 For The Pair