: Have Questions About An Eldorado

1993 eldorado green1
04-07-04, 08:04 PM
Well First Of All I Want To Thank Everone Who Helped Me Out On My Last Two Post, The Change Trans Fluid Light Is Now Off, And I Found A Damaged Tps Sensor Plug And A Bad Intake Gasket For The Running Problem, You Guys Are Very Smart About Your Cadillacs (thank God) But Now I Have A New Question, And Since I Am Restoring My 1993 Eldorado To New Condition Im Sure Ill Have Alot Of Questions, But How Can I Found Out What Options My Car Has On It? I Tried A Link That Is On This Forum And All It Told Me Is It Is A Eldorado And The Build Place, I Need To Know If It Has Stabilitrac, Traction Control And All That Stuff, My Speedometer Cluster Is From A 1994 Sts, And It Says Traction Disabled, But I Dont Know If My Car Has Traction Control On It, And Does Anyone Know If These Clusters Are The Same? Or If The Car Features Are The Same? I Called Gm And Cadillac And None Could Help, They Said There Computers Dont Go Back That Far, Thank You In Advanced For Any Help On This.

04-07-04, 11:43 PM
first thing I'd do - go to www.helminc.com (http://www.helminc.com) and order a set of shop manuals for your car.. don't rely on the Haynes or Chilton manuals. they are far too general. Helm publishes the actual shop manual so you can't go wrong.

Secondly, I'm not sure how to tell what options you do have, but I can tell you that on my 99 Eldorado to disable the traction control, there is a switch in the glove compartment specifically for that. Perhaps your 93 is setup similarly?

Good luck!

04-08-04, 01:53 AM
You need to find the sticker on the car with the RPO codes. On my 97 Deville, it is glued to the underside of the cover over the spare tire. It might be on the inside of the trunk lid. The trunk lid is a usual place for many GM cars.

RPO codes are 3-digit codes giving each option on the car. There should be several dozen of these codes. If you get the Helms/Cadillac Service Manual, there is a section in there that will tell what each code means. There might also be sites on the internet that will give you info on RPO codes.

All GM cars, for many years, have carried this sticker with RPO codes.

There will also be a few other codes on this sticker, not 3-digit, which will indicate interior and exterior paint and upholstery colors.

1993 eldorado green1
04-09-04, 03:53 PM
its an after market deck lid so no rpo codes, is there some way to run the vin?:cool: :cool: