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06-21-07, 04:33 PM
ok so im going to be towing a vehicle in from Ohio.. just wanted to get everyones opinion on this.. the trailer is rated at 2,000 lbs and the car is rated at 3,937 lbs.. making the total 5,937 lbs of towing.. now if i have it right i have a class III hitch which i was told is standard on the Escalade.. however i heard class III hitches are only rated at 5,000 lbs max.. so there is one issue.. the other issue si i have a hitch w/ball that my friend used to tow with his durango.. i stuck it in my hithc and it fits and all but again the ball says 6,000 lbs max and the black piece that you put into the hitch says 5,000 lbs max.. do you think it would be safe to use this to tow my trailer/vehicle? i dont plan on speeding or anything like that but i also dont wnat to be driving and lose the vehicle.. thanks for any input..

06-22-07, 06:17 AM
Are you saying your trailer is rated at 2000 lbs and you want to put a car on that weighting twice that amount? NO it's not safe to do that. :(

Daryl in KY
06-22-07, 11:13 AM
Hi CaddyKid,

Your receiver should be a class III/IV, capable of 6,000 lb towing & 600 lb tongue weight. Any more than that and you need a weight-distributing set-up. I'm assuming that what you really meant is that the trailer weighs 2,000 lb and the car weighs 4,000 lb for a combined weight of 6,000 lb. You need a hitch (you called it the "black piece") and ball that are both rated at 6,000 lb. Not all hitches and balls are rated for 6,000. Get the right hitch and ball if you don't have them. You can probably rent them at U-Haul, but it may cost as much as buying them.

Does the trailer have brakes? Your truck will pull it, but stopping it is another story. 12,000 lbs of vehicle and trailer w/load is well beyond what the vehicle brakes will safely handle. If the trailer has surge brakes (most U-Haul trailers do) you're OK. If they are electric, you'll need a brake controller that must be connected to the junction box under the dash by the steering column.

Pulling a trailer is safe as long as it's done correctly and with the right set-up. If all of this sounds "Greek" to you, find someone who will help you in person, someone that has experience and you trust.