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06-20-07, 09:19 PM
ok.. once again i am having my intermittent brake problem.. im getting sick of this.. the dealer is no help.. they tell me everything is fine everytime i bring it to them.. i need serious help.. i have a roadtrip to Ohio tomorrow where im driving 7 hours there and then another 7 back but ill be towing 6000 pounds and dont think a braking problem will be very pleasant.. anyway.. heres the issue:

Driving around everything is fine.. im coming to a stop at the light and braking hard and my peddle doesnt come/pop back up.. i turn the wheel to the right ever so slightly and the pedal pops back up.. keep driving and start to brake and again a pedal issue.. this time i hit the brake and it feels like im stepping on a brick but after 2 seconds it goes down however if i had jammed on them would it have gone down.. idk.. pulling out of the driveway i turn the wheel and pedal pushes down further then where my foot has the brake.. WHAT IS GOING ON!!

ok and finally this might be normal but when im at a light i decide to push the brake pedal to the floor as hard as i can.. as im doing it as hard as i can i hear pssssssssssss... like air slowly coming out of a tire.. is this normal?? its only when im jamming the brake at a light.. when driving i dont hear that...

please.. any help is appreciated.. im going to try and get the car in the dealer tomorrow morning since im not leaving until about 5pm.. so im just hoping they either find something or at least ill have it on record they checked everything right before my trip and if anything goes wrong they will be at fault.. but if anyone has any idea on anything i can check that would be great.. for the life of me i never heard of this..

06-20-07, 10:39 PM
Without looking at the vehicle I would think it has something to do with the brake master cylinder. Has the fluid in the system been properly bled to make sure there is no air in the lines?

I would recommend that they start with the most likely culprit and change out the master cylinder and as a matter of course bleed the fluid through the lines.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

06-20-07, 10:49 PM
well i guess tomorrow ill go in and tell them that i want it fixed and a new cylinder put in and if they wont then just to have a waiver signed that says if i should get into an accident due ot brake malfunction then they will be held responsible for all damages cuz honestly im getting sick.. i dotn even wanna drive my truck anymore thats how bad it is.. im so sick im gonna get in an accident and kill someone or kill myself.. now i just have to hope that they can fix everything tomorrow and have it done by the end of the day which im sure they wont be able to.. in which case they better give me some kind of rental that i can tow with cuz i already have arrangements to pick a vehicle up in Ohio and have reservations at a hotel and everything and to have to cancel everything and lose all that money is gonna suck...

on a side note.. i dont know much about cars but could any of this be because of aftermarket stuff or an aftermarket install?? the reason i ask is cuz the shop that does some of my work has a big thing with wire ties.. i mean they wire tie every two feet.. they couldnt have wiretied something to a brake line or anyting liek that right?? or with all the strobe wires running through the firewall they couldnt have jammed anything up right?? i mean im sure caddy will blame it on the installs anyway.. and also i remember way back in the day i had done some of my own work.. what is in the box where the pedals are?? i know there are a bunch of plugs in there.. could something have gotten knocked out of there that would affect the brakes??

06-20-07, 11:37 PM
If you have the time, I would bleed your lines. From briefly looking over your thread, it sounds like you got air in the lines. Thats most likely the problem.

06-20-07, 11:58 PM
is tihs something the dealer would be able to do in a short time.. i plan on getting their early like 8-9 in the morning.. i wont need the car till 5 but i really need it or maybe they can rent me something that can tow which i doubt they will want me doing with a rental.. nevremind putting 800 miles on it.. but i was orignially gonna bring it in anyway to have an oil change and tire rotation and i was gonna tell them to check over the brakes which i guess tis good this happened now before i left.. so hopefully they can bleed the brakes and check the brake cyclinder and check it all out to make sure its fully functional.. and if they need to replace it again i hope its something that they can do in 1 day which i doubt they will... i guess ill have to push.. maybe ill get an 07 to use to tow lol.. again doubtful but who knows.. we purchased 3 escalades and a cts in the past so we do alot of bussiness with them.. so anyway.. so far on my checklist is:

1. 3,000 mile maintenance
2. Bleed Brakes
3. Check Alignment
4. check brake cylinder
5. Check pads and overall braking system

anything else i should add that could have contributed to this problem?? thanks for all thei nput i really appreciate it..

06-21-07, 06:13 AM
If I follow you properly here, it sounds more like a possible booster issue.
Escalade uses a hydraulic brake booster that runs off of power steering fluid pressure supplied by the PS pump. It is called "hydro-boost".

I'd see if you can duplicate the pedal staying down until you turn for a technican or shop foreman, it might be hard for them to duplicate and if they can't duplicate it, they are unlikely to replace any parts since they can't tell if something is wrong.
There could be a problem with the booster.

The hissing when you push hard on the brake is normal. That they won't be able to fix.
It has to do with the fluid flow when you push hard on the pedal, you can just hear it through the firewall. It is pretty normal.

If you have issues with pedal return you might have some type of fluid contamination in the brake system.
Air is possible, but unlikely unless you have a leak or someone has serviced them improperly.

06-21-07, 06:27 AM
I would not be towing anything long distance until you get the brake problem repaired, it's one thing to get your truck towed if you have a problem, but many times what your towing will be left behind on the road. :(

06-21-07, 08:42 AM
well just got back from the dealer.. guy told me they were overloaded already with cars and only taking appointments.. i told him the problem i was having and he said he wouldnt be able to look at it.. but toldme that if it an intermitten problem i should be fine going on my Ohio trip.. so here i am not trying to figure out what to do.. of course i start up the truck and the brakes are working perfectly.. i try and make the problem happen anyway on my own and nothing so idk.. maybe i can get through this trip.. usually the brake issue happens 1 or 2 days and then disappears for a couple of months so idk...

06-21-07, 02:36 PM
Well, thats what insurance is for I guess. If the dealer refuses to help you after repeated complaints about something so potentially dangerous, you cant just stop driving your car. If you need to go somewhere then you just need to go.

On the same note as what Ewill3rd said, you can "feel" when the system is operating properly when you start the truck. Pay close attention to the brake pedal each time you start the truck over the next month or so... When you start the truck you should hear a loud "klack" and at the same moment you should feel the pedal "kick" against your foot. Id be curious to know if the times when the brakes quit working, you feel it properly preload like that or not. The GMT800 Series trucks are the only ones Ive ever driven that give you such a noticeable response the brake system is working as soon as you turn on the vehicle.

06-21-07, 10:18 PM
To answer your earlier question- zip ties can not damage your brake lines. They are very strong hydraulic hoses and there is no possible way a plastic zip tie could create enough pressure on it to cause a problem.

06-21-07, 11:31 PM
To answer your earlier question- zip ties can not damage your brake lines. They are very strong hydraulic hoses and there is no possible way a plastic zip tie could create enough pressure on it to cause a problem.


10-15-07, 12:38 PM
So what happened? Did you die?

01-30-08, 03:32 PM
One additional note regarding wire ties and brake hose. Just as a general rule, don't tie anything to a brake hose, especially using wire ties. You may not be able to put enough force on the hose to constrict flow, but you do run the risk of wearing into the rubber hose over time. Plastic zipties are ok in low movement areas such as along the frame, but not near the wheels where you have all the suspension travel and steering.