: Window Tint Dilemma and Great Support from the Dealer

06-20-07, 06:41 AM
This story bears retelling. It really illustrates a dealer going to bat for its customers.

I recently bought the '07 Escalade Sport from Massey Cadillac of Orlando on John Young Pkwy and got the front two windows tinted a few days later by a mobile guy. I noticed a few defects on the passenger side and called the guy to come fix and when he did, he blasted the glass with a heat gun and ended up warping some of the plastic trim. I was absolutely livid and he attempted to remedy the problem but it became obvious the entire piece would have to be replaced. It was my intent to get this guy to pay for the damages.

It just so happened my salesman (Alex Witte) called that evening to ask how everything was going and I shared that story with him. The damage was minor but regardless, it's a brand new vehicle and I'm sure many of you feel the same when you get those little dings and blemishes. Less than five minutes later the sales manager (Rodney Whitt) called me, told me to bring it in at my leisure, and they would get it fixed either by getting the mobile tinter to pay or, if that didn't work, they'd pay for it. My day went from bad to good immediately.

I've never experienced that kind of customer service in any realm so I'm even more surprised it came from a car dealer. I can't say enough good things about them. If you're buying a Cadillac in the Orlando area, I would definitely recommend Massey on John Younk Pkwy.

06-21-07, 10:40 PM
I basically had almost the same problem, except that it was the same day I bought it. I new that there was a window tint place a couple miles from the dealer. On the way home after the tint job, the right cover plate on the door panel (behind the door handle) fell out, was I pissed, then the next day the left side also fell out. A double whammy, I drove to the tint place to talk to the owner and she was so apologetic and immediately reimbursed me. A week later when I took the lade to the dealer for another thing, they wanted to replace the covers, and I said thanks, but the items were on order and paid for by the window tint lady. I have used two dealers for warranty repairs and both have giving me outstanding service..

06-22-07, 06:13 AM
I have had my windows tinted in different car for probably 25 years, wow I am old, and never had the installer use a heat gun, glad the dealer took care of you. :)