: Newbie to this forum

LL Cool K
06-18-07, 06:40 PM

I go by the name LL Cool K and I'm actively involved in a Harley-Davidson V-Rod related forum (1130cc.com - formerly VrodForums.com). I'm taking possession of a 2004 CTS-V this Thursday and I am hyped!!!

I did the purchase over Fleabay and I'm flying to Texas to inspect the vehicle prior to them getting my money. As with any vehicle, I'm sure there are problem areas (I know about the diff), and any tips or suggestions for me would be greatly appreciated. I already have my CAGS (that I will surreptitiously install while the vehicle is on the rack) once the car checks out ok with me.

I'll then do an 1100 mile trip to return the car to Milwaukee, where I live.

Thanks much. I've been lurking for about a month and now that I found the car I'm looking for, I thought this would be a good time to join the forum.


06-18-07, 06:41 PM
howdy :)
where in TX?
you'll have a blast driving her.

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06-18-07, 06:43 PM

06-18-07, 06:51 PM
Hello and :welcome5: to the forum!! Congrats on the new wheels.

LL Cool K
06-18-07, 06:54 PM
I'm picking it up in Denton, Tx. It's an 04 with 28K miles. Black car, no roof. I wish it had one, but I can always have one installed. There is a shop here that does an excellent job.

06-18-07, 06:56 PM

If you thought modding a Harley was crazy, you have no idea of what your in for.....:rolleyes:

LL Cool K
06-18-07, 06:57 PM
Unfortunately, yes I do. You should see the $$$$$ stuck in the V-Rod, and I'm nowhere near done yet.

06-18-07, 11:56 PM
Welcome to the forums, hope you have great luck with your V, the CTS-V forum is chock-full of great info and knowledgeable members.


06-19-07, 12:18 AM