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06-17-07, 07:18 AM
Wes took most of the pictures but his memory card kept crapping out on him, so we'll see if he got anything.

My fuel injectors started acting up so I sold the Q to Evan for $1000 (I paid $1300). I took it for a few WOT runs the night before, and the problem cleared itself up... but only for now.

They got here at noon. I took them for a tour of the town including the warehouse in the ghetto where I store my book inventory (which I learned is within walking distance to an adult book store), the world-famous 12-foot Vess soda bottle, the arch, the riverbank, the Delmar loop where we had lunch at Blueberry Hill, the St Louis walk of fame featuring Tina Turner, the east side where we keep all the poor people, Maryville University, Laclede's Landing, and the Anheuser-Busch Brewery where we took a tour and had a free pint.

Of course through East St Louis I ignored most of the stop signs. Amazingly, a lot of the collapsed buildings I remembered were finally torn down, and out of nowhere there's a new shopping plaza -- the only glimpse of prosperity other than the casino. I guess empty lots are a nice step up from caved-in walls and ceilings, though quite a few damaged structures remain.




Vess is a local (at one time nationally distributed) brand of soda. Best orange, blueberry, and pineapple flavors ever. A Vess salesman founded 7-Up.

Stopped by at mom's house to get wheels and parts I left in the garage.


Evan's loaner Altima. His VW was in the shop.

I of course sold the Q with enough garbage in it to fill a trash truck. Not my problem! I also left my "Reagan Republican" and NRA stickers on the rear window.

We stopped for gas, and since it was hot out I got sodas for everyone. Being the culturally aware and socially conscious person that I am, I got Evan a grape drink.

Video 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RfVJJ-jHAk

Video 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIFZNMwZ_-w

I think I'll miss hearing that exhaust. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZNPsBa2Ddk

Wes has all the interesting pics and videos... assuming his camera worked. I'll post them when he gets them uploaded.

06-17-07, 08:12 AM
Nice! Sounds like he got a good deal, not much else you can buy for $1K, although I did find this sweet wagon for $950.

I have been in St. Louis since Friday for the ISSCA Nationals. Been having a blast driving my Fleetwood like a bloated go kart at the Gateway International Raceway. Going back today for the drag races.

06-17-07, 11:12 AM
Jesda, I'm very glad I got to see the legendary Q at the meet, especially seeing you go balls to the wall in that abandoned Target parking lot, and it was fun as hell lining up next to it... I knew I was gonna lose but I wanted to see how badly. But to be honest, I was expecting you to take those bumper stickers off for the future Cadillac you WILL have! :thumbsup:

Jonas McFeely
06-17-07, 01:59 PM
We stopped for gas, and since it was hot out I got sodas for everyone. Being the culturally aware and socially conscious person that I am, I got Evan a grape drink.


06-17-07, 02:06 PM
Oh haha, now I get it. That's one of those jokes where you've gotta do some research to get it. Very nice Jesda, very nice!

06-17-07, 06:42 PM
This is Wes's post from NICO:

alright let the photo essay begin... :) I tried to do this gulati style but I didnt have the technology to do this real well..

So I depart my residence, the Q decided to stay at home.

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8268-t-qO92Q15UyWichCLyiXskw.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8268-l-qO92Q15UyWichCLyiXskw.jpg)

Instead, i drove our 05 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G. Pretty nice car, the old ones were AWFUL TERRIBLE cars but these are pretty nice. the dash build quality still isnt as good as the altima and it costs 2x more. however its a great driving car. the seats are wonderfully supportive but do get tiring on long trips. Needless to say, I only drove this to Evan's house. Its got about 30k on it and it already needs new brakes. The pads are done for and the rotors need turned for the 2nd time since we've owned it. The brakes are WONDERFUL but they wear out pretty fast.

With some good tires the car would be a really fun car, even with FWD. The suspension is wonderful for agressive driving, the paddle shifters are great, and of course the supercharged 3.8 gives you more torque below 80MPH than you need. I cant say that Id ever own one but certainly its a nice car to drive on occasion. If the car was RWD itd be a different story. its a shame because it has everything that you could want for a car to drive fast except nasty FWD understeer.

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8271-t-1PXhn383kwt6rVoQqbVCHw.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8271-l-1PXhn383kwt6rVoQqbVCHw.jpg)



So I get to Evan's, and we roll out in this:

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8272-t-Ocp76AQmNeSltc6HGKF6HQ.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8272-l-Ocp76AQmNeSltc6HGKF6HQ.jpg)

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8086-t-TIsKvFhHILoXIADJlsw.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8086-l-TIsKvFhHILoXIADJlsw.jpg)

The CVT is kinda goofy. I never drove the car, but the sport shift mode on it is pretty cool... :) Overall its a great car to cruise in, wonderfully roomy and comfortable, and SIPS gas. Granted, i could never bring myself to own a car with a QR25 but the V6s have to be great fun with the CVT.

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8273-t-6JSSp1r9RlM2cIVfDhIrbA.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8273-l-6JSSp1r9RlM2cIVfDhIrbA.jpg)

So as mentioned earlier, as we depart we stop by mcdonalds, and the orange juice incident occurs. http://is.rely.net/3-12-8275-t-ol3FfW7nRx6vz2gsy9bRNQ.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8275-l-ol3FfW7nRx6vz2gsy9bRNQ.jpg)

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8276-t-D2JczUWHCZXRhtfvgotg.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8276-l-D2JczUWHCZXRhtfvgotg.jpg)

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8277-t-2G7Ix6AsqlV1NO7aXuyLQ.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8277-l-2G7Ix6AsqlV1NO7aXuyLQ.jpg)

So while evan is driving and me on the laptop with NICO and GPS navigation, we show up at Jesda's place. You can see the back of the Q and the 300M

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8279-t-Y01bHLXqYZKQ8GCLAgBTA.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8279-l-Y01bHLXqYZKQ8GCLAgBTA.jpg)

The Q.

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8280-t-jDoLPoNaBC5PnrCtMmIafw.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8280-l-jDoLPoNaBC5PnrCtMmIafw.jpg)

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8281-t-7GSDDLICtTV68VRSvKRmg.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8281-l-7GSDDLICtTV68VRSvKRmg.jpg)

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8282-t-axHIdhr1YKAZi5FjLIoSw.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8282-l-axHIdhr1YKAZi5FjLIoSw.jpg)

Idle conversation. Complete with orange juice.
http://is.rely.net/3-12-8283-t-RWBT37d2y0XYwJR79aOC8w.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8283-l-RWBT37d2y0XYwJR79aOC8w.jpg)

So we hop into the 300M and head over to Jesda's house. Yeah, we got rickrolled.


Part 2:


06-17-07, 06:42 PM
First thing you see when you enter Jesda's humble abode. Sorry for the reflection.

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8284-t-jIlLMKuGNKqCF5gWjJKQg.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8284-l-jIlLMKuGNKqCF5gWjJKQg.jpg)

The service records for the Q:

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8285-t-IEUKc4xmmFlI8KbsSNMw.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8285-l-IEUKc4xmmFlI8KbsSNMw.jpg)

So we roll out to Jesda's parents house. Probably a 7 figure house with a creepy van in front. Very nice!

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8286-t-EKSfpSwJhCSlTDubZfr1g.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8286-l-EKSfpSwJhCSlTDubZfr1g.jpg)

http://is.rely.net/3-12-8287-t-OMoVS2V60aw0mJFNFJJxiA.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8287-l-OMoVS2V60aw0mJFNFJJxiA.jpg)

He also busted out his Mustang for us. Sorry about the laughter.


http://is.rely.net/3-12-8288-t-eQqOC7ZzfKyTmL63RDc7w.jpg (http://is.rely.net/3-12-8288-l-eQqOC7ZzfKyTmL63RDc7w.jpg)

Well thats it unfortunately, thats where my camera cut out. I will owe jesda lunch for making him pay $4 to park for 5 mins and we couldnt even take pictures. FAIL.

I'm amazed by how big I've gotten!

06-17-07, 10:36 PM
Evan's pictures...

Yeah Jesda does have quite the voice. I think he should audition for American Idol. If he gets far enough he might have an opportunity at singing on the same stage as Kelly Clarkson. Oh, did I just start something?.....

Anyway to my pics:

It was a constant struggle to get the damned 2.5 to 100mph but I did it a few times. Here's a display of the speed on my GPS:

The Arch. I never understood the point of it until Jesda gave us a tour of East St. Louis. Now, I know. It's a gateway to let you know that you're safe on that side of town, and you're actually not a failure.

Beautiful Busch Stadium

94 Q spotted

Not sure why Wes took this picture, but it's a cool rolling shot of my favorite German brand, so I can't complain.


Got home today and gave the Q it's first bath since ???????? :ahh
Check out the F1 race traffic in the background of the first pic


06-17-07, 10:37 PM
Hahaha, excellent. Nice choice on the Culture Club, but I've always been more of a "Karma Chameleon" fan more. ;)

06-18-07, 10:51 AM
So THIS is what youve been up to... Was wondering the hell youve been since I got the "sold the Q" message on my AIM the other day. Bastard.

06-18-07, 11:34 AM
Looks like quite the time, I'll miss seeing the Q at next year's meet, that car impressed me alot. Jesda, your singing is fantastic, you should try out for American Idle.


06-18-07, 11:46 AM
Brian, was that misspell intentional?

06-19-07, 06:13 AM
you should try out for American Idle.


Dude, I'm the executive producer!