: Boooo to Non-HDMI PS3/Xbox

06-17-07, 06:10 AM
Well I just learned something bad about HDCP that affects non-HDMI PS3s and 360s.

We all know what HDCP is right? If you don't, its the new Macrovision in which non-HDCP hardware will not output true 1080P content. The only way to have hardware that is HDCP compliant is that it has an HDMI cable. And even first generation TVs that sported a cool HDMI input weren't HDCP compliant. But that only affects early adopters of the HD:Generation.


So HDCP extends its claw like grip into the world of DVD upscalers. I'm not 100% sure on stand alone DVD-Upscalers the only two people I know who own one told me it turns through HDMI and the only DVD upscalers I own are the PS3 and 360/Elite. My cousin owns a PS3 20GB and he was excited about the FW 1.80 as it added DVD upscaling. BUT since he doesn't have the HDMI output he can't get higher then 720p. What a bunch of crap!

My other friend has a 360 Elite but his TV's HDMI slot broke. He was telling me at work how it sucks that he can't get his DVDs to upscale. I said the 360 should upscale, least I read it should online but I just never tried it. He said it didn't, all his games would output at 1080p but his movies wouldn't upscale past 480p. So I looked it up, 360 hardware doesn't support 480P+ upscaling without the VGA dongle for non-HDMI versions or the HDMI. Because he runs his through the component cables he can't upscale. HDCP regulations.

I tried my 360 vs the Elite and he's right. I can't upscale pass 480p using the component cables and with the HDMI its at 1080i. I made sure to have both unites on the same FW.

If they can do that to DVD-upscaling I'd hate to imagine once Hollywood activates that flag and all non-HDMI PS3s and 360s owners are screwed.

06-17-07, 01:16 PM

Jonas McFeely
06-17-07, 02:54 PM
OMG son of a bitch WTF

06-17-07, 07:19 PM
I have my Dreamcast connected to a 15" VGA monitor.

Night Wolf
06-17-07, 08:08 PM
I have my Dreamcast connected to a 15" VGA monitor.

Heck yeah! I still have my Dreamcast, I like it alot. I have a VGA adapter too, but seemed to lost it.... I used to play MSR on it all the time, man it looked good....

That was a really good system.

DopeStar 156
06-17-07, 09:20 PM
I guess he shoulda splurged the extra hundred bucks on the 60 GB version.......

06-18-07, 12:21 PM
And just what the HELL does this have to do with me putting tapes in my VCR, huh?

06-18-07, 02:15 PM
Dooood... Im a geek too but in this forum it sounds nerdy even to me.

Anywho, HDCP is High Definition Copy Protection, its just a digital way of scrambling transmissions that uses decoders to ensure that you are legally playing and/or duplicating the material. For Spyder, the VCR connection is that in the PAST, the *analog* way they used to achieve this was via encoding a scrambling signal called Macrovision into the header line of the video that would cause the image to be unstable if you attempted to duplicate the source material. Later several companies introduced ways around this.

It is *NOT* true that you had to have HDMI to have HDCP. I had NUMEROUS HD Televisions that were DVI-HDCP compliant. By the time HDMI was introduced HDCP was already common practice, but in some applications it was just not deemed necessary.

Now that 1080P broadcasts and recorded media are becoming available, the HDCP war has heated up yet again. The very early Sony SXRD (Liquid crystal on silicon derivative) 1080P TV's were actually considered a waste because HDCP for 1080P standards hadnt been created yet, and as soon as they were, the TV would become obsolete.

In other words, just another way the man f***s us over.

06-19-07, 08:39 AM
bah, I wouldn't worry about it. DVD upscaling is overrated anyway. Whenever the sources is lower than the output... you get a whole lot of nothing. DVD upscaling was created to support retail until the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray dvd technology comes down in price. DVD upscaling negligiably adds to picture quality... I've tried all the different players and all the different tv's to see if it makes a difference. You're better off with just a 480P dvd player because progressive scan is what's suited to the native resolution of the discs. Most of the dvd upscalers that are sold don't even show 720 without an HDMI cable.... why do you think that is so? It's to sell you an HDMI cable where retailers make more money than the dvd player itself. Think about it... $120 dvd player with upscaler technology and $99 for a 1080P certified HDMI cable. It's all nonsense.

Silver Dollar
06-19-07, 09:12 AM
This should clear it up for everyone...