: Leather repair

04-07-04, 09:03 AM
Has anyone attempted to do minor repair on their leather? Such as wear marks or slight cracks? If so, is it just as cheap and better to have a mobile guy come to do it?:confused:

04-07-04, 09:46 AM
Id really like to know that too, because my 12yr old deville is showing 6 yr wear but id still like to rid of it.

04-07-04, 11:16 AM
I recently had my driver seat and my console top repaired because the leather was cracked. I have a '96 STS. The shop got the matching relacement leather from EastCoastLeather (the Las Vegas warehouse) which it took 3 days to ship. The leather grain/finish is call "nuance" and my color was nuetral. You buy leather by the sq. inch (I paid about $.25 per which is suppose to be a good price). The leather was $120 and the repair work (I removed the seat and console top) was $160. Total bill $280. It came out perfect as it looks new.

I didn't have the shifter knob repaired (it was discolored and cracked also), that I took that to the shoe shop and had it match dyed to the original color ($10). It looks almost stock (the finish is a little shinier than stock leather) but for the price I am very satisfied with it.

Hope this info. helps.


04-07-04, 10:33 PM
Awesome...............I received a quote to replace a couple of panels. The wear is minor but out of vanity would like it repaired.I was quoted $320.00 leaving the seat, but they could not replace the logo. Also wondering do these guys that fill cracks and dye the leather actually paint the leather? If so I wonder if it is any good, I wouldnt' think so. Thanks by the way for the feedback.

04-08-04, 11:44 AM
When I bought my 94 Eldorado the color had worn off of the shift knob and the steering wheel and the driver's seat had cracks and wear. I searched the internet and found a company named LEATHER RENEW. They have a web site which is quite good (leatherrenew.com). I bought their product and refinished the steering wheel, shift knob and driver's seat. The color match was perfect and it is easy to use. I did this about two months ago and so far it still looks good. Cost me under $50.