: 97' deville---new radiator but now losing engine oil

06-14-07, 04:42 PM
need help: 97 deville concours, dealership installed new radiator........for the very first time while driving on the hwy. with the new radiator, service engine light came on......checked engine oil dipstick and it very, very, dangerously low...........this has never happened since i've had the car........replaced lost oil........smell antifreeze somewhere but i can't find any leaks, etc. and also i've checked for any engine oil leaks but can't find anything..........antifreeze color looks good ........doesnt' appear to be oil mixed in with the new radiator.........i'm just totally lost as to why i lost engine oil only after having this new radiator installed...........very confused........are there engine oil lines that are connected to the new radiator? did something not get hooked back up correctly?????? i don't know where to start......thanks.....wendell

06-14-07, 09:50 PM
First off, you were not empty if by "Service Engine Light" you mean, check oil level. When that comes on, you still have 5.5 qts in the sump even though there is no reading on the dipstick. If in fact it was the SES light, pull the codes to see what tripped it.

Yes there are oil and trans fluid lines to the radiator. Oil cooler lines are on one side tank and trans fluid cooler lines are on the other.

You probably are burning the oil. It is common for the pre 2000 Northstars to use as much as 1 qt per 1000 miles (not necessarily a bad thing). Click on the Technical Archives at the top left of this page and read up on OIL CONSUMPTION.

If you are smelling coolant, something is leaking and is not always visible. Take it back and let them correct it.

I'll delete your other post since you started a new thread about this (which was a better thing to do).