: 2007 Vehicle satisfaction survey -- Infiniti, Cadillac, Lincoln on top.

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http://www.thecarconnection.com/Auto_News/Daily_Auto_News/Ford_Scores_Again_in_Satisfaction_Survey.S173.A124 55.html?pg=3

A satisfaction survey includes things such as performance, style, comfort, and service rather than just quality. Poor initial quality can be countered with dealer satisfaction and first-time resolutions for problems.

http://www.thecarconnection.com/Auto_News/Daily_Auto_News/Ford_Scores_Again_in_Satisfaction_Survey.S173.A124 55.html?pg=1

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But the VSA reveals that twelve of the most satisfying top 28 vehicles - which won or tied in 25 separate categories - are all new for 2007.

Of those, 13 top cars wear Big Three badges, with seven Asian and three European car segment winners. In the 15 truck categories, seven are Detroit nameplates, with eight Japanese and Korean makes. Notably, DaimlerChrysler took no best-in-category award, while GM and Ford tied with six class leaders each. Ford took four, Hyundai and Nissan three apiece, and Honda grabbed two.

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Holy crap, where is Cadillac ? :stirpot: :want: :bigroll: