View Full Version : How do I get rid of Cal on Mirror and set seat adjusment?

06-13-07, 06:59 PM
every time i get in truck now the seat is leaned back to far. i lean it forward but the next time i start it up, its leaned back again. how do i set it to remember?

06-13-07, 08:36 PM
in the fnformation center, select driver 1, scroll to the seat activation select when you want the seat to go to your position. With the shift lever in park. Adjust the seat to the position you want, and press the driver 1 button on the door panel untill you hear two chimes.The same with the seat exit set the seat where you want it when you get out then press the driver 1 button then press and hold the exit button untill you hear two chimes.
The mirror adjustment is also in the information center.