: V - Basic Formula For A Little Dragun!

06-13-07, 06:48 PM
Looking for a little info from those on the Forum that might "exercise" their V at the 1/4 mile:bouncy: What seems to be the average "sweetspot" in RPM to launch a NA V, optimal shift points and tire pressure - assuming basically stock package?? I haven't endeavored to beat the tree since I ran a lightweight 421 poncho in the early 60's, but I kinda hanker to see what the V might do, don't ya know?:rolleyes: I think we used to call it the baseline, before we started "adjusting" anything. Ya can beat the disease into remission, but you can't cure it!!:dammit:

06-13-07, 07:25 PM
Id put the rear tires down to 22-23-24...try all those i feel like outside temp depends on the best......Launch at like 2500 at first and see if you can hold her (dpeneds on track prep etc) and go up from there to see the threshhold...id also shift 1-2 a little early say 400-800 before redline in order to hold the traction nicely from 1-2.....from then on take it to redline. Try and shift quickly but smooth. THE KEY to running a good time in the V is keeping the nose up when shifting....the second you let that nose dip in bwtn shifts you lose mad time....all dpends on your gas/clutch application/release so thats what you gotta work on.....GOOD luck and let us know.

06-14-07, 05:48 PM
Thanks for the guidelines - precisely what I was looking for. Appreciate the help - no point in reinventing the wheel! Don't ya know!!:bouncy: