: DUB Induction Group Purchase!

06-11-07, 09:21 AM
We're running a group purchase that covers all of the DUB Cold Air Inductions. Pricing is lower than we are allowed to advertise so you'll need to give us a call or e-mail tbyrne@tbyrne.com for pricing. 10 or more orders are required by Monday, June 18th for this to go through. You can place your order online or by giving us a call at 1-877-482-9763.


75551 1999+ 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 GM full size trucks and SUVs DUB Induction
75562 2007 GM full size trucks and SUVs DUB Induction

DUB~Air intake systems are constructed from highly polished stainless steel. Their custom designed polished stainless steel air box seals around the intake tube and under the hood to provide a cold air charge. They use marine grade stainless steel hardware for durability and superior longevity that will outlast the vehicle. Each intake includes pure 100% silicone hoses and couplers. Stainless steel tubing and filter promote an aggressive deep sound. The DUB~air intake is CAD designed, computer modeled and flow bench tested. Every Dub Air filter includes a stainless steel velocity stack base and inverted top which diverts airflow into the intake tubing with minimal turbulence. Their filters also come pre-oiled and are washable and reusable. Every intake kits includes a lifetime warranty.

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