: Whe can I buy? Rear windshild fin, stickers for headlights/taillights?

06-08-07, 07:14 PM
Hello everyone,

I have had my V for about 8 months now and wanted to change up the appearance. They only things that I think of that would look good besides the rims of course is the fin type thing that goes on the top of the rear windshield and the stickers that you can get to match the paint that go on top of the taillights and headlights. I saw them posted here some time ago but have not been able to find them since.

EDIT: also where can I get the sport spoiler that goes above the tail light? Thanks!

Any suggestions?



06-08-07, 07:28 PM
I think they call the things over the head and tail lights "eye lids" Try ebay and I got my spoiler from Lindsay, they come painted to match. Luke and the guys are great to work with and they will offer a fair price.

06-25-07, 07:19 PM
thanks for the reply.

I have been watching Ebay but no luck anyone else know where I can find the "eye lids" or the windshield fin?



06-25-07, 10:51 PM
please dont get the top of the rear window spoiler.....if i were u..../

get the cowl hood, the lip spoiler in the front (chin spoiler) and the rear mini whale tail style spoiler....you can get your tailights/heads/fogs/turns/reverses tinted 3 ways

1. vht nightshades (do it yourself spray) $20 for spray $10 for sandpaper $10 for polish
2. professional tinting - looks best but costs around 500 for the whole deal by the time you ship it out
3. plastic tinted film (looks the worse IMO cause it bubbles at the edges no matter what you do....

specter makes the cowl hood and both spoilers i believe. (i believe they are a sponsor here) goto cadillacfaq.com cts-v section under vendors to get there website.