: L.I. Boys! Captree, Bellmore, Bald Hill, Oyster bay?

06-08-07, 06:19 PM
If any of you guys are going to any of these gatherings then call me! Bald Hill and Oyster bay are the same night and I am game for either but am much closer to Oyster Bay! PM me and I will PM you back my number and send me yours as well. Later.

I know Bellmore is tonight but I was too busy and it looks like rain!

06-12-07, 07:19 AM
Don't know what the weather is supposed to be tonight but thought I would bump this thread to see if any of you are going to Bald Hill or Oyster bay? Any of you guys going to be at Captree this Sunday? I went there this past Sunday because I was up already anyway and to my surprise there was like 30 cars! They were real troopers, I must say, as I didn't even bring my car!