: More Kudos to Lindsay

06-07-07, 03:08 PM
So I finally decided to pull the trigger on the exhaust, after finally losing my mind on deciding what to get. Was scared about the drone, so ended up going with Corsa. Besides, I guess they mate up the best with the Kooks anyway (laying the foundation.....).

After scrapping around on the Internet I called Luke at Lindsay to see what he could do. First of all, he gave me the best price, shipped to my door. Then he pulled a few strings and got 'em shipped out of Corsa immediately, and according to UPS, they'll be here tomorrow! And it was only Monday when I called!

Thanks, Luke. Thanks, Lindsay.

PS That's where my UUC and Hawks came from as well.

06-07-07, 03:16 PM
i use lindsay service for just about everything, oil changes if i can't find the time to do them myself, installs, obviously warranty, general maintenance and emptying my bank account at a rapid pace

special thanks to bill (ewill3rd) Luke, and James

06-07-07, 04:18 PM
They do rock :worship: :blurock:

06-07-07, 04:51 PM

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Lindsay Cadillac
06-07-07, 05:01 PM

Thanks for the kudos guys... Flattery will get you everywhere... :D

06-07-07, 05:17 PM
I ordered Hawk Pads, and they showed up the next day. I just wish they were closer.

06-07-07, 06:06 PM
Just got my UUC Shifter, Kooks (NO CATS!) and Corsa installed today! WOW what a difference. Its like a new car

Im throwin revs at everybody...SO LOUD!!!...Thanks to Lindsay again

Also through a Lingenfelter CAI on there and got it all tuned up!

361 RWHP/355Tor. (Dynojet)

06-07-07, 06:16 PM

Thanks for the kudos guys... Flattery will get you everywhere... :D

Ya, and they're all handsome, too. :RightTurn:

06-07-07, 06:17 PM
Yeah, Luke is amazing. It seems like I no sooner hang up from ordering from Luke when the big brown truck is pulling up.
I'm just about due for an 'in-person' visit to Lindsay.

06-07-07, 08:01 PM
I too had am grateful that James and Luke of Lindsay are so helpful. That said, I just received 6 boxes from them: drilled rotors, hawk hps pads, uuc shifter/bushings, corsa exhaust, and sport spoiler! Had to hang up quickly before I ordered the upgrade wheels! :bouncy:

baylac510: where did you have uuc installed and how much??

06-07-07, 08:33 PM

I know........couldn't help it. Good customer service is rare these days......