View Full Version : Fog Lamps on '05 EXT...how hard to replace

06-06-07, 09:37 PM
My fog lamps melted, I guess the bulbs I put in them were to hot for it. I should of known better but went ahead and did it any way :thepan: . I know the qickest way to fix it is to just let the dealer do it but I also know I will proubably pay more than I have to. How hard is it to replace just the the whole housing. The wiring is fine I plugged in the other bubls and worked fine. Is there an after market one that is brighter than would fit right in or should I just stick with the stock one? I just want something that will go right in with no cutting or having to mess with any wiring. Any ideas?

06-07-07, 06:27 AM
Not hard at all, you can find them many times on E-Bay pretty cheap, I had my 03's out many times, removed the whole bracket from under like you would be changing the bulbs, or on a lift makes it even easier. :)

06-07-07, 09:28 AM
You shouldnt need to lift it, at most just prop it up on a pair of ramps or even a curb. If youve got oversized wheels its even easier still. Youre lucky these are like the easiest fog lights EVER to work on. As said above, get the new housings on ebay. They do not make a "better" or brighter housing... stock works the best, they arent a second pair of headlights you know.

06-07-07, 02:38 PM
Some of those lowered trucks are tough to get under. :)

06-07-07, 02:44 PM
Thanks guys! I'll just get them on ebay then. I got my 24's on finally about 2 weeks ago too so it's not that hard to get under it :)

06-07-07, 07:02 PM
They are very easy to change.