: 98 STS engine swap -need a bit of help

06-06-07, 03:14 PM
Hey guys, I'm a noob to the Cadillacs, so i need a question or two answered. I've owned a four-wheel drive shop for the last 8 years and I'm ASE certified, so i know a thing or two about cars, just not much about caddys. I'm swapin out an engine for my parents in their 98 STS and everywhere i've read on here says to drop it out the bottom, and i've gotten the car almost to that point, but i can barely see the steering linkage, much less see how to disconnect it. If any of you guys can help me out and give me any pointers please do so, it is much appreciated. Thanks-Joe

06-06-07, 04:00 PM

1. Take the drivers tire off.

2. Use a screwdriver to CAREFULLY pry the rubber boot upward

3. Use an 11MM socket to take the bolt out.

4. Pry loose with a crowbar.

Option 2.

Lower the crade without messing with it, the u-joint and shaft aren't connected at the top, it just slides in, and then take it off later.

When I did it, I forgot the shaft and it just slid out.