View Full Version : 05 Escalade Paint Peeling?.

06-05-07, 11:28 PM
Hi All,

I've been a lurking member for a while and finally have something to post about (yay? maybe..)

I have a black 2005 Escalade with 25k miles on it, still covered under the factory warranty

Today I noticed that the paint on the roof is -peeling- on two of the rails, located between the front and rear doors, closer to the driver side of the vehicle.

I have never carried anything on the roof, and never do anything but wash up there (by hand). I noticed it today, so it must have come on suddenly (in the last 3 weeks or so).

Has anyone ever heard of this? Is it a dealer issue or should I expect them to point to me and call it my issue?

I live in Seattle, so salt and environment arent really an issue (mild climate). I take it to the Bellevue Cadillac dealer for service religiously. It's due to go in next week, as a matter of fact.



Any advice, experiences would be appreciated.

06-05-07, 11:43 PM
I think the paint was covered by the 3/36 deal but if you take your Cad to the dealer for every service they should cover it under a warranty just because you loyal to the place.

06-05-07, 11:47 PM
They should cover it under the paint warranty unless they determine the truck was in some sort of accident and had been improperly repainted.

06-05-07, 11:49 PM
It hasn't been in an accident, unless my wife is hiding something from me. :)

06-06-07, 06:08 AM
Should be covered, although I would not want the dealer painting my truck, the factory does a bad enough job as it is. :(

06-06-07, 11:33 AM
I live in Vancouver, WA where it rains, etc all the time. On both my Escalades, I have no problem with paint.

The dealer should fix it under warranty with that year of truck and low miles you got there.