: Center Caps STS

04-05-04, 12:11 PM
Put a set of 16" STS wheels on my 91 Deville (1998-2000 vintage, 7spoke chrome). They look great but since the front axel stubs are a bit longer on the Deville the center caps on the front wouldn't seat properly. They eventually came off and now I am having a difficult time finding two replacments. The ones that came with the wheels were just plastic silver Cadillac Crests,which looked fine. Looks kinda stupid now, without center caps on the front. Can anybody give me an idea where I may locate center caps that would fit these wheels. I have seen chrome/w gold leaves for $100. Don't really want gold. Chrome, Plastic-silver,STS, or SLS would be fine. Cheap is good. They are so small. Thanks