View Full Version : Removing front rotors?

06-04-07, 07:26 AM
OK... I tried to change front brakes and rotors yesterday. Are these rotors pressed on or what? I pulled the wheel, then the caliper, then the T30 torx screw... doesn't seem like anything else is there.
Short of "framming it" I even attempted a 2X4 for removal... then I gave up, and put it back together.
Is it just seized? Do I need a "rotor puller" and treat it like a motor bearing? LOL.

06-04-07, 09:32 AM
Looking in the manual it doesn't look like anything special. No mention of the rotor being pressed on. Shows removing and supporting the caliper assembly. Removing the mounting screw (probably the torx head you mentioned) and removing the rotor. Don't know where you live but sounds like it just frozen in place.. maybe some carefully applied rust disolving agent might help.

06-04-07, 09:58 AM
First you drive 17,000 miles to completely destroy it,
Then you take it to the dealer, where they refuse to admit that it is not normal wear and tear.
Then you try to get into a small front end fender bender to "total" the vehicle

06-04-07, 10:33 AM
OK... so the answer I hear is "find a puller" that can reach that wide.

06-04-07, 11:46 AM
Again you might try some penetrating oil available at your favorite hardware store. One that gets mentioned often is called PB Blaster. I'm sure there's others. Also a little heat around the hub might free it too. Just don't go over-board.

06-04-07, 12:28 PM
I considered PB Blaster... but only had some WD-40 at the time. I will try the chemical reactant vs. the water displacement lubricant.

06-04-07, 12:59 PM
I just gave mine a couple of sharp raps from the back to the outer part of the rotor with a 5LB rubber mallet; and it came right off. Once it's off, you won't believe the rust at the rotor and hub mating surface, which is probably why its frozen on.

06-04-07, 02:22 PM
My SRX (purchased Sept 03) had about 55k miles when I changed my front brakes in March, rotor came right off and had it resurfaced ($20 total at pepboys). So the answer to your question, is no, there is nothing else holding it on. I would recommend a rubber mallet.

06-09-07, 08:50 PM
I got them on today. My father-in-law has a lift in his garage... amazing what a difference it is to work on the car in the air at chest level - LOL. All it took was a couple raps from a "dead blow" hammer.

06-10-07, 07:20 AM
My father-in-law has a lift in his garage...

Does your wife have a sister?

john d
06-10-07, 11:37 AM
My father-in-law has a lift in his garage.
U DA MAN !!!!
Remember me from kindergarten?
Sure would like to meet your father-in-law.

06-12-07, 12:15 PM
If you have a torch a little heat applied around the wheel studs and you will hear it let loose. Dead blow hammer also woks as someone mentioned.