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06-03-07, 11:24 PM
I just wanted to pass on some steps to changing the passenger window motor on my 1996 STS.
My window was making a fast clicking noise when it was at the top and I held the window up button. It also made the noise while I was rolling it up when the window would stop going up at random points in travel. If I used my hand I could help it go up. Please read the whole thing before doing this project. It was not that hard. Took about an hour.
I rolled the window all the way up and put some cardboard over the top of the doorframe to protect the paint and I duct taped the window over the top from the inside to the outside of the glass. I didnít want the window to fall down when I pulled the motor off. I donít think this would happen, but I did it just in case since the up down motion of the window is spring assisted. There are only two screws that hold the door panel in place, believe it or not. One is located behind the handle trim plastic cover. Just pull off the large handle trim plastic, it comes off easily. The Second: If you look at the extreme bottom right of the door leather pocket while sitting in the passenger seat with the door open, you have to pull the corner of the pocket away from the door. The corner is held in with one off those tornado shaped plastic pull retainers. You will see the screw hole when you bend up the corner of the pocket. It is not inside the pocket, it is on the outside. There is another plastic retainer holding the door panel in half way up the door towards the front of the car and the rear of the panel. And there is one that holds the plastic square cover behind the mirror to the door. It is about one inch down from the top of the triangle dead center. Note that the triangle is part of the door panel and stays with the door panel. I took off the speaker cover, but I donít think you have to. It is held in at about six spots and can be removed by pushing inward at all edges of the cover. The speaker is behind there, so be careful. Remove the power window assembly. The power up button assembly comes out better by using a screwdriver and prying down and forward from the front part off it. There are metal holding clips angled in at the front and rear of the assembly about a half inch down. Take your time pulling off the wire plugs on the switch, the power door lock, and the light plug. Use a small screw driver and pliers to pull on it. You donít take any blue tabs or anything off to get them off. They are the normal one point hooking type. Once you get to this point you can lift off the whole door panel in an upward fashion. There are plastic hooks built into the door panel that go into square holes in the door, so be careful not to break them off. They are located all along the perimeter of the door panel. About three or four on each side and bottom. You may have to pull up and out on some to get it to move up. The top of the door has a few large metal clips that are attached to the door that hold the door panel in. Just push upward. Once you get the panel off peal back the plastic sound sheet half way down to expose the motor. You will have to unhook it from over the top of the where the door handle is. Donít mess with the coil spring you see next to the mirror. Pull the electrical plug off and take the three bolts off of the motor using a deep socket and remove the motor. When you put the new motor in make sure the gear pushes all the way in and meshes with the gear it mates with. I got the new motor for $69 from AutoZone.
Test the motor with the tape off of the window and put it all back together in reverse and you are all set. I hope this helps someone out with the same issue I had. ---AL (Chicago)