: 95 SLS n* timesert completed-special tool made!

06-03-07, 07:25 PM
I have been reading alot of forums with folks asking how to get the alignment dowels out of the engine block. I took a 6"- 3/8 drive extension and cut the square end off. I got a 1/4" air nipple for one of my air tools and cut the hose connection off above the wrench nut. Using my mig welder, I welded the extension to the air nipple. I then took a large 1/2" flat washer and slid it onto the extension to the ratchet end and welded it to the large flare. Slide a large socket onto the extension and using a 3/8 drive ratchet, you can now thread the air coupling end into the dowel. ( it only takes a couple of threads). Use the large socket as a slide hammer and knock the dowel out of the engine block. You can then clean up the dowel and reuse it. Worked for me! The trick is a straight pull. Oh, and I did this with the engine still in the car. Took me 5 days from start to finish.

P.S. Won't do it again!!!:tisk:

06-03-07, 07:45 PM
Damn!! :eek: I heard of people talking about doing the hg whilst in the car but ended up dropping the cradle in the end (especially on the pre 98 N* considering the tight clearances all around), I would rather not eat for a whole week than do them in the car. As far as trouble, it's always ten times harder doing it the first time, I supose if it came down to it I would do it again.

06-06-07, 02:34 AM
Dear Lord man, you are insane. I TRIED it on my 98 with it in car, but stripped a cam bolt out and had to pull it. I wouldn't have even considered it on a 95 in car.

I used a 9mm socket and some big ass channel locks along with a wood block to get those out.

I put the socket in the dowl so as not to misshape it, then I put the wood down to keep from scratching the block and then I used the locks to pull them out.