: Headlight lens cleaners?

04-05-04, 09:25 AM
I own a 1998 STS and my headlight lens are starting to turn yellow (go figure). Has anyone used a particular product or have a good solution for this problem? I certainly do not want to replace the lens if I don't have to.


04-05-04, 09:43 AM
Stan, you can try a plastic polish, several companies make one like Zaino and Eagle One to name a few, but usually once they start turning yellow there is not much you can do but replace them

04-05-04, 11:18 AM
I would try a plastic clearner followed by a polish from companies such as Griot's Garage. I wonder if the yellowing is from some coating that's on the lens (grunge grit, etc)?? Also Griot's polishing kit will restore damaged CD's.


04-05-04, 11:49 AM
Thanks gents I will try your suggestions.

04-05-04, 12:07 PM
I had very good luck with this kit: http://www.properautocare.com/plaslenclean.html This was on a 1995 Nissan, and the lights were not yellow but were very hazed and faded. They are much clearer now.

If yours are really bad, you could always sand them with something like 2000 grit sandpaper and then polish them.

I've also seem some people have amazing results from Meguiar's new PlastX. You should be able to get that locally, but expect to use a lot of elbow grease.

04-05-04, 12:58 PM
Regarding the Zaino plastic polish. The website claims it is not abrasive, which might make it better suited to lighter cleaning. But I've never used it so I don't know. I'd think yellowing would requre the removal of some of the polycarbonate to get rid of it, though. If it is like Zaino's glass polish, it isn't very strong.

That said, I think Zaino's glass polish is totally awesome, and works great to remove water spots and haze and such that glass cleaners can't handle. I really love that stuff. If you do buy some Zaino plastic polish, pick up some glass polish too since the shippings the same. Just my opinion...

04-05-04, 02:07 PM
Again thanks, I will give this a try. The lens are not really yellowing so maybe a good polish will work.


04-05-04, 05:37 PM
Geez, all of this Zaino this and Zaino that is really getting to me.lol. Cant wait till I get the money to buy some.

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