: Northstar average engine temp ?

05-30-07, 11:49 PM
I have a 1998 Deville, what is the usual engine temp? And what is a safe heat range for the engine? thanks TexasCadillac :)

05-31-07, 01:10 AM
This varies widely but 195-215ish.

05-31-07, 07:08 AM
My 99 Deville almost always runs between 199 and 205 degrees. The hottest I've ever seen it was 209 while sitting,idling, in a Houston traffic jam for over an hour in August.

05-31-07, 10:12 AM
My 99 DeVille is about the same as SteveHo. Rarely needs to kick in the fan.

05-31-07, 10:46 AM
My '97 ran a consistent 206 (summer) and 213 (winter). Cooling fans don't even come on till 224 or 225.