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04-04-04, 03:33 PM
Well, I cleaned the 'Roara up a bit and figured I'd share the photos (well, ok, it was already clean, but I did detail it). I have to keep this thing looking like new for a long time, as I suspect it will be a long time before GM makes any cars as stylish as Oldsmobiles were...






04-04-04, 03:44 PM

Looks golden!!!

04-04-04, 07:31 PM
looks great, as a Lansing MI (car capitol of the world, where the General makes Olds and Caddies) resident i am going to miss Oldsmobile, they had some great styling only second to Cadillac :shhh:, and made excellent cars. My only problem with your post is... its not a cadillac... but still, beautiful.

Oh BTW on my way back from the Detroit area after seeing my girlfriend today i was traveling west on I-96, and in the East bound traffic a beauty of a '68 Sedan cruised by, it was White, absolutely gorgeous, if its your car i congratulate you on a wonderful auto! it made my day.

04-04-04, 09:06 PM
Looks good, let us know how long it lasts on your car, a few people that received free samples said it only lasted a few weeks, I am sure it will last longer than that. :)

09-10-04, 09:21 PM
Can you come to my house and polish my Mr. Lucky (2000 Black Lade) :D
Your car looks awesome :coolgleam . How long did it take you? I pray I will one day fine a detailer in the Los Angeles area that can maintain my truck.
I'll spot the Zaino :D
Peace :bouncy:

01-05-05, 01:40 PM
Looks great! Here is mine freshly detailed using Mother California Gold Liquid Wax.

01-07-05, 10:11 AM
looks nice

01-07-05, 12:24 PM
...i thought this thread was old