: Picked up the '07 White Diamond Escalade with sport package tonight

05-29-07, 11:21 PM
My wife took it to her book club tonight so I don't have better pictures than the one below which was taken from my camera phone, but tomorrow I'll snap some new ones. You can see the wheels, even if the shot is not terribly crisp and clear.


05-29-07, 11:29 PM
sorry to ask but what is a "sport package"? think i've seen something like that offered in the eu but not in the us

05-29-07, 11:31 PM

05-29-07, 11:34 PM
oh.......how much extra did you have to pay for the sport upgrade?

05-29-07, 11:35 PM
oh.......how much extra did you have to pay for the sport upgrade?

It's all in the thread - no sense to repeat it all here - might annoy others.

05-30-07, 04:30 AM
I like this new option. Something different and finally a Chrome Exhaust Tip! Per the original thread with the package discount, it seems like a no brainer to go with this especially if were going to get the 22" rim option anyways.

I wonder why this is not advertised on the Caddy Escalade website at this time. I would have gotten this option if it were available to me at the time.

05-30-07, 05:37 AM
Nice truck, and good color choice ;)

05-30-07, 08:29 AM
Very nice, rims look like aftermarket

05-30-07, 09:24 AM
Very nice, rims look like aftermarket

Rims might be, but they were sold through Caddy at $4700 a set, so nobody bought them. Slapping a $2500 discount on the package made them cheaper than the OEM 22's that everybody else has, plus you get the reduced bling with the body colored chrome inserts. I like having something that is different from all the others, but also one that you can see again. I think there are a few dozen of these in Socal.

05-30-07, 10:15 AM
Nice truck. I like it :thumbsup:

05-30-07, 10:21 AM
Looks very clean, thanks for sharing. However, those are not the wheels that you posted a photo of the other day. The spokes on the other wheels do not taper as they go closer to the center of the wheel. Interesting.

I was actually at the dealership yesterday, and they had 3 Escalades done up like yours. The package looks very good, and you got a great price on it. Congrats!

05-30-07, 10:36 AM
i do like the "uniquness" of the rims and everything... they are not another set of stock 22's (which have diluted the notion of having 22's)... cool truck, but i do not see the reduced bling that you do, i still see an amazing head turning truck... i would like to see the grill actually on the truck!!!

05-30-07, 11:12 AM
Hot ride! Enjoy it.

05-30-07, 11:13 AM
I can say after seeing the sport grilles on two side by side escalades yesterday (one black, one white diamond) that the black grille definitely looks more imposing, and really beefs up the look in the front. The white does look very cool as well.

05-30-07, 12:49 PM
More pics!!!



Sport package 22" wheels:


05-30-07, 12:58 PM
One more


05-30-07, 05:52 PM
Damn those would look good on a 06 model