: Serpentine Belt Shredded/radiator Has Leak Now

05-27-07, 09:08 PM
Need help.........have a 1997 cadillac deville concours and out of the blue the serpentine belt completely shredded and then the radiator started spewing out stuff from the passenger side top ................put a new serpentine belt on and thats working fine again but the radiator is still spewing out stuff...........what would cause the radiator to start acting up so bad only because the serpentine belt shredded off??????? i'm going to take the car into the shop but i have no idea what to tell them to look at............no idea where to start.....

05-27-07, 09:26 PM
First you have to figure out what caused the serpentine belt to shred. Sounds like something froze up. Unless it was fixed, I would guess that it will shred again. Remember that the water pump is not driven off of that belt. The water pump drive belt is on the back side of the engine. Is it turning OK? Is the tensioner providing enough tension? Thermostat OK? Purge line clear? Cap holding pressure?