: Some questions

05-27-07, 03:54 PM
I went from a 99 STS to a 04 Mazda RX8. I'm over my sports car phase and ready to move back to a Cadillac. I would love to get an Escalade rather than a CTS or another STS. I am looking at some 02' models, but I have a few questions?

Comfort wise, how do these stack up compared to the Sevilles? The seats definitely look more "cushy" if you ask me. Also, do all Escalades come standard with a sunroof?

Some of the 02's I am looking at have 80k-95k on the clock already, but I seen some selling with 180k on them. Is 80k anything with these motors (5.3 and 6.0)?

Any other tips you can think of would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

05-28-07, 12:33 AM
Motor is not the item of concern with these, its going to be the driveline... Bearings (couple of hundred per side), differentials (1500.00 for the front), transmission and transfer case. The higher mileages your at, the more these parts are susceptible to failure, so make sure you have them checked out thoroughly.

Otherwise they are very good vehicles, and not much different than your average full-size GM truck, which means they have the potential to last for several thousands of miles.

If at all possible, get an extended warranty, you will use it.

As far as the comfort, when you consider that they are basically today's Fleetwood, they are extremely comfortable and probably moreso than a large sedan.

Good luck.