View Full Version : Towing with 2/3 drop??

05-27-07, 06:01 AM
I was just curious how many guys have towed things with the Escalade after doing a drop kit? Currently I have 22's with the Groundforce 2/3 drop on my 2006 Escalade EXT.. i might be purchasing a vehicle tht is 3 hours from me so I figured id suit up the lade and take her out for a nice run.. but was worried about towing a vehicle being that i have the drop and 22's.. i dotn want to put too much strain on her.. i would be using a uhaul trailer that keeps all the wheels off the ground.. thanks for any input.

also on a side note.. anyone know off hand what class hitch is on the Escalade's?? I think its a class 3 right? Thanks

05-28-07, 05:01 PM
Mine towed my 98 Camaro SS just great with factory 22's and a Mcgaughy's 2/3 kit.

05-31-07, 01:11 AM
I have a hotchkis lowering kit on my '07 on factory 22's, and tow a boat/trailer package of 5000 lbs. When geared up for camping, the rear sags pretty bad before the air shocks pump some life back in.

The Hotchkiss is basically a 1.75-2" rear drop. Did not lower the front, just leveled it and removed the wheel gap.

No problems, with over 3000 miles of towing since May 2006.