View Full Version : Puzzled about Superchips Flashpaq

05-26-07, 07:24 AM
I have been reading all of the claims that Superchips makes for their Flashpaq products.

I have an 07 Escalade and am interested in this product.

My question, If these things are as good as they sound, why doesn't GM utilize the capabilities of this technology? Are the claims for Flashpaqs just a lot of hype? IF you change the programming in your vehicle, what damage do you risk?

I suspect that GM detunes their vehicle programs, to a degree, to allow for variable driving conditions and gasoline brands, in order to assure reasonable performance of the engines under a very wide range of driving conditions/locations, across the country.


05-29-07, 07:49 AM
GM or any car manufacturer sets their cars up for best gas mileage and best overall performance, you may even say they detune them. The hand heald units like Preditor or Superchips really do work, they are not as good as a full dyno LS1 Edit tune, but they do work well.