: 93 STS with VSS issues

04-03-04, 07:16 PM
Hi everyone, this is my first time posting to the Forum. Lots of great info here and thought I would ask for some help.

I saw some posts on the locating of the VSS. I have a 93 STS and was able to locate it but how do you take the bloody thing out without lowering the tranny?

Mine failed due to a serpentine belt that split and sliced through the power steering pump nozzle. It sent PS fluid everywhere and caused quite a few components to fail (AC compressor and Alternator). After replacing all the components, I have just started getting intermittent fails of the VSS (P024)

I just spent the afternoon doing PMs on the car and decided to tackle the VSS issue. When I unclipped it PS fluid came out, I have cleaned and compressed air the unit in hopes of not having to replace the VSS but my test drive showed promised then failed and now the fuel gauge is starting to act up. Any help would be appreciated. The first concern is how to replace the VSS without dropping the tranny.

04-03-04, 10:24 PM
Its tuff, just work at it. I bent a 10mm wrench to fit a little better when I got mine out. Otherwise, "crowsfeet sockets" would probally work good. btw, you can get two hands in there, one by the pass wheel area and one around back, coming from the trunk area twords the sensor. Its really not that bad to do once you get both hands in there. hope this helps.