: 02 Escalade Panel lights going nuts

05-23-07, 01:36 PM
I have an 02 escalade and for the last few weeks the panel lights have been going nuts every once in a while. The battery light will turn on, security light, service stabillity system message shows up, the low fuel message comes up, and then the fuel gauge goes turns off below empty. After a few seconds, the fuel gauge goes to normal, and then, either the security or service stability system stays on the message panel. Every once in a while it will cycle through this odd panel problem again. There is no noticable problem in the way the car runs while driving short or long distances (no loss of power). When I turn the car off and turn it on again, the problem might not surface again for another 2-15 minutes, the panel will look normal, sometimes it won't happen at all. Does anybody know what this sporadic problem might be? Is it the alternator or something?


05-23-07, 02:07 PM
Odd...have you checked to see if your battery terminals are making good contact? I had a problem years ago with my Blazer somewhat similiar and found that the side post terminal was broken inside the battery causing voltage variations.


05-23-07, 02:08 PM

It could be a bad IPC or possibly a blown fuse. I haven't heard of a battery/alternator failure causing problems like that, but it could happen.

05-23-07, 06:45 PM
A bad ground will cause that. Do you have an aftermarket radio?

05-23-07, 07:21 PM
Check your battery and your charging system. Autozone type places will load test the battery and test your alt for free... Problems like this can usually be traced to ground issues or bad charging components.