: Sun roof on 07 EXT opens wider.

05-23-07, 11:25 AM
When I first got my 07 EXT I thought it was wierd that the Sun Roof didn't open all the way.
When hitting the express open, there was always 3 inches more that it could go once it stopped so was blocking 3 inches of the full opening in the roof.
Well today when it was open, I hit the open button when I meant to close it, and it opened the extra 3 inches exposing the whole opening in the roof.
Wonders never cease.
Anyone else know this.. or not :)

05-23-07, 11:38 AM
My standard 07' Escalades are the same way, try something, with the windows up and the sunroof open all the way (pressing the button after it opens in the auto mode) do you get a wind pressure feeling driving? I do on both of my 07's, but if you let the sunroof open until it stops automatically and do the same thing I get no wind pressure feeling this way. The extra few inches cause this, no problem with the windows down.

05-23-07, 08:42 PM
Yup, now that you said it, that happened to me today when I was driving with all the windows up and Sun Roof open the extra few inches.
I got the wind pressure feeling and wop wop noise and thought, hey, that never happened before, but didn't stop to think why... just cracked open a back window to relieve it.
I'll try it both ways next time I drive. :)
Thanks Carl.

05-24-07, 06:09 AM
I tried something last night, I extended the wind deflector that pops up when you open the sunroof, it stopped the wind pressure when the sunroof was fully open, it only took about 1/2" extra material, not that I am thinking about changing, as you said any window opening stops it. :)

05-24-07, 09:11 PM
dont you love driving in any car where you have the sunroof opened and it sounds like you are in a chopper? i do this all the time when im in the car with little cousins or just when i want to F around.. start pretending im the news reporting stuff lol... usually gets a good laugh..

05-25-07, 06:37 AM
No don't really like that sound, or feeling, flew in too many choppers for work years ago.