: NEED HELP, T061, and S030 codes, have info but no solution

05-22-07, 03:29 PM
Ok first of all thanks for the great advice thus far, and especially for the pics provided to help me finish my engine install,

OK here goes, cleared all the codes after finishing my install, and got the ol Traction disabled (No 1st gear/shitty gass milage) message. pulled the DTC's and found

T061 - ABS motor pump circuit fault
S030 - Speed sensitive steering fault (Snap-on's shop key data base says this code shows a VES solenoid, that solenoid on the rack that gives variable effort steering, has an open, or a short to battery.)

so my question is are these two related? if yes which shoudl i go about trouble shooting, and how should i go about doing it.
if they arent related then how do i go about troubleshooting them seprately.

i believe the ABS code is my main concern as this should give me back my 1st gear if i fix it so i guess thats my highest priority


05-22-07, 05:11 PM
ok check it out figured out one part of the problem...ok im dumb, so the the VES solenoid has these two wires purple and light blue and they are def dangling and only connected tot he soleniod. so those are fixed and now S030 is HISTORY lol pun intended...iight now what info can yall give me on my T061 code? im thinking something like trying to jump a relay somewher to check if ABS pump is good? please tell me what i should try next and also how would i go about jumping the relay like which pins and where they are? anythign is appreciated...well besides momma jokes and things not pertaining to traction control, abs, and loss of first gear

06-07-07, 01:47 PM

RESET DIC message.........My Power steering pressure hose was leaking, so I replaced it, now the service steering system message appears on DIC and I can't figure out how to reset it. Any info would be great, Thanks in advance.