: Smashed Escalade

05-21-07, 11:57 PM
Well guys have not been on for a while,looking for suggestion on a good body shop, my wife was on her way to work this morning and was slammed by a small Pontiac Vibe, that thing was totaled but the lade needs a left 1/4 panel,tailgate,bumper,tailamp,etc,you get the message,lookin for a reputable body shop in the North Shore of Mass.

05-22-07, 06:07 AM
I hope she was not hurt, that is the only important thing. As around friends and neighbor who they have used body shop wise, that is a good start, your insurance company may give you some shop names too.

05-22-07, 07:40 AM
Thanks for reply, yeah she was not hurt,thankfully,bringing it to insurance company today,see what they will have for referrals.

05-22-07, 10:21 AM
Glad to hear she's okay. Like what Carl said, ask your insurance company for referrals. :thumbsup:

05-22-07, 01:29 PM
be very careful with the referrals used by insurance carriers.. their job is to find shops that put in the lowest bids to fix your car.. so instead of doing the job right many times the shop will cut corners.. so be very careful where you bring it and make sure you ask around about the shop...they usually fix what visible to the eye and leave alot of stuff behind it a mess..check the internet also.. you may find stuff about the shop on their also.. id say bring it by my dad's shop but we are in NJ so its not that practical of a ride..

Crown Vic Owner
10-24-07, 01:46 PM
ask your day to day mechanic

Holy crap, i am so sorry to post this.

I was searching for something and frogot about the date of the thread.