: Our NAV only takes Palm OS. Now Palm OS is dead (pretty much)

05-21-07, 11:44 PM
I saw on slashdot (http://www.slashdot.org) a link to a review of the last device (the Treo 755p) that supports the Palm OS.

Since, at this point, the Palm OS is dead will the ability to beam an address to the nav die as well?

Can't they have a firmware fix for this (I'm sure this is asking WAY too much).

Should I just stop wishing this could be fixed?

I have seen the tricks to get it to work but it would be nice to have it work with Windows Mobile.


05-21-07, 11:48 PM
^^it does work...maybe not the first time, but it works, I forget who figured it out, but it works....still useless to me.

05-22-07, 12:12 AM
I figured it out.

funny, I thought Nikon may want to use it by now... Surprize, Surprize.:)

05-22-07, 12:24 AM
lol...actually it's a rarity for me to use the nav in the V...I drive a Vue for work most of the time, we've got a magellan road mate in there...so it doesn't matter either way :p

05-22-07, 01:14 AM
Magellan roadmate is a nice peice of gear, I gave mine to the wife when I bought my V.

:nik: a dancing Banana - Too cool...

05-22-07, 10:42 AM
The Palm OS is not dead, yet

05-22-07, 11:05 AM
I have a pocket PC and I can beam to the NAV unit with no problem.

05-22-07, 02:56 PM
What do the new nav units from Cadillac support? Windows Mobile seems to be becoming the standard.

05-22-07, 03:01 PM
how do you beam an address to the nav?

05-22-07, 04:54 PM
how do you beam an address to the nav?

:yeah: (windows mobile 5.0 user here)

05-22-07, 10:23 PM
In contacts on your pocket pc, go to beam contact, then you go into the area of your nav (read the book) where you enter an address, and one of the buttons on the right is for receiving data. It didnt work for me, but I dont have pocket pc anymore, I have smartphone.

05-23-07, 08:10 AM
..in other words, your portable device needs to have an infrared port.

05-23-07, 11:16 PM
..in other words, your portable device needs to have an infrared port.

Oui Oui

05-24-07, 12:14 PM
When I loaded my contacts I had to send each one twice. The first time the NAV unit recognizes that something is communicating with it and the second time "After you press Recieve on the unit" it takes it.

05-24-07, 07:28 PM
Mine worked the same way. - Pocket PC 2003

05-27-07, 09:01 PM
I was looking though my contacts today, and it suddenly occurred to me, that of the 100 or so contacts I have, all but three of them I already know how to get to. The other three are just numbers without addresses. So I guess I would never need to beam any of them to the car :yup: