: my poor car

04-03-04, 02:17 AM
today i went to the library, got out of my car and as i was walking towards the library and talking to my girlfriend, i noticed a kid on a scooter holding on my trunk lid. he looked like he lost balance and just held on for a second... my girlfriend laughed and say "dont be so paranoid... let's go"

came out and went back.... and noticed a approx 10in mark on the back end and into the left tail light :crying2: i was sooo pissed. turn around and saw the kid still there on his scooter... he looks like he is in elementary school. figure what the hell am i going to do? tell his parent to pay to repaint my trunk? think that might be a bit harsh if not overreacting.... so i decided to let it go

now, the cut is not deep.... its very light... but long. you wont notice it unless you are at the right angle or kind of close. but it bothers the hell out of me knowing its there. is there anyway i can fix it? thanks for helping...

04-03-04, 07:06 AM
I would try 3M Scratch and Swirl Remover, you can get this at most Pep Boys stores, when using it go in the direction of the scratch (not circular), if the scratch is not down to the primmer this will repair your problem. It will take a little time because the 3M SSR is a mild abrasive, but this way you will not damage the surrounding area. I would have found the kids parents for this reason, if you have to get the trunk lid repainted it's going to be several hundred dollars