: Head Gasket Repair Questions

05-20-07, 02:41 PM
Can anyone give me a step by step for the right way to replace my hg's and timesert the heads. The more detailed the better.:banghead:

05-20-07, 02:49 PM

05-20-07, 11:47 PM
Zonie's guide is great and this job isn't all that tough, just tedious. Zonie's guide is good, I will pickup after you get the valve covers off.

Once you get the motor out of the car, it's a cake walk.

Align the cam timing marks, take the sprockets loose, lower the chain, remove the chain guides and tensioner.

Next you take out all of the head bolts and remove the head. There is going to be two pins sticking out of the block that you have to remove and you HAVE to be careful not to scratch the sealing surface of the block.

I used a piece of thin wood, a socket to go in the pin and a pair of channel locks to get the pins out.

The timeserting process is completely idiot proof, you screw the plate down, use the bushing, drill, clean, drill, clean, tap, clean, insert insert, rinse and repeat 20 times.

I would rate it as a difficulty 7. If you have the tools, a FSM, and patience, you will be fine.