: Fuel Needle Acting Crazy

05-18-07, 02:13 PM
I have a 00 lade and the fuell needle goes past the full mark about 90 degrees when starting truck. Once started, it returns to fuel mark but wiggles fast back and forth. My fuel pump was changed last year and i just changed the fuel float sensor, still have the same problem.

PLEASE HELP:confused:

05-18-07, 02:16 PM
It could be the sending unit or you may have a bad ground somewhere. Very occasionally these issues can also be signs of a failing battery, but youd be experiencing other electrical problems as well.

If all else fails ask over at FullSizechevy.com, as they have alot of technical experience with this platform.

05-18-07, 02:23 PM
What Is The Sending Unit?