: SRX Stability Control

05-18-07, 09:16 AM
I recently purchased a 2004 SRX AWD and it seems that the Stability Control comes on for no known reason is this normal?

05-18-07, 10:09 AM
Absolutely not normal. Unless you live in an ice rink or regularly take on/off ramps and curves to the point of losing tire grip.

Mine has never gone on except in very slippery conditions.

c5 rv
05-18-07, 07:30 PM
Mine has been known to engage on my RWD SRX when taking off at turns on wet and dry pavement. :lildevil:

05-18-07, 07:52 PM
Under what conditions do you notice this.
I have seen many that will activate systems when turning against the turn stops and there is nothing you can do to change it except to ease up on the steering just a hair.

Northern SRX
05-19-07, 04:52 AM
Are your tires inflated to proper specs?

SC coming on "for no reason" is not normal.

05-19-07, 06:04 AM
I have only had the car for 4 days now and it just seems to come on as soon as I go over 40 MPH. Does it intermittenly. First the dealer said it was most likely a sensor and it was just notifying me that it was engaged but it really wasn't. I told him I actually can feel it come on and he said that something was wrong then. I have already made an appointment with the dealer. Good thing it's still under warranty!

05-19-07, 07:01 PM
Look at your tires.
Make sure they are not mixed up.
I had one car that had mismatched tire sizes on the rear and the computer thought one was slipping because of the difference in the speed when the car went over 40.

05-19-07, 07:25 PM
I just checked my tires and it looks like I have 235/65R17 in the front and 255/60R17 on that back. Is that supposed to be that way???

05-20-07, 08:12 AM
Yes. Also per manual, you do not rotate tires. Plenty of threads on site discuss work arounds if you are interested.

05-20-07, 08:52 AM
Yes it is normal, just make sure they match from side to side.
Sounds like they are where they are supposed to be.

05-20-07, 01:27 PM
Sounds like there is definitely something not right.

That system works great when it works! But, man, it can be frustrating at how often something goes wrong with it. I've had wheel speed sensors go bad, EBTCM, steering wheel sensor, abs sensor, and probably others that I'm forgetting (on multiple Cadillac vehicles).

And, they seem like parts that the car won't perform right when they break. (There needs to be a way for the car to think, "I know somethings broken. Turn it all off and warn the driver that stabililty/traction is off until repaired.") Otherwise, the vehicle can behave strangely when you're doing 60 on a highway and a bad sensor tells your vehicle that you're not going straight!! It'll suddenly apply brakes and start to pull your vehicle to one side!

During warranty, I didn't worry too much about it. But as I approach the end of my warranty, I'm beginning to think about what these things would cost and the reliability of those electronics...

Infrared in Idaho
05-20-07, 09:43 PM
I had the same problem. Have you taken the car to the dealer? It winded up being a defective steering wheel positioner module, located in the steering wheel column. Best of luck to ya.

05-21-07, 06:21 AM
As infrared just said, sometimes the SWPS can cause that to happen as well.
There might be a stored code they can go after.

05-22-07, 07:30 AM
We had same problem, ours was so bad when it kicked on, it tried to correct and shot us into oncoming traffic. We had it in twice to dealer and it was the steering wheel sensor (module). Don't let technician tell you anything but that. This problem has been known to get people killed so demand nothing less.
Good luck.

Tim Wayne
05-24-07, 10:03 AM
I have had the same problem with the stability sys engaged message on the DIC as well as the actual shift sideways while driving. The first dealer I took this to said that there was no error code, but if I can get it to do it again, bring it in. WOW. They also never heard of this problem. After I got home, it took me a matter of minutes to see the posts on this.
I went to another dealer and they did know about the problem. Here is what their work order shows"DIAG CODE 461 REPLACE STEERING WHEEL POSITION SENSOR".
I picked up the car two days ago, so far this problem is corrected. I'll write again if something changes.

05-24-07, 12:37 PM
The Message Came On Twice , But Only While Pulling Into A Tight Parking Space (sharp Turn). Should I Be Worried Or Is The Car Doing It's Job? Never Happened Driving Straight.

05-25-07, 04:03 AM
Finally was able to bring the car into the dealer and it turned out to be exactly the same problem as most of you have already posted. The Steering wheel positioner sensor had to be replaced. So far the car is driving wonderfully!! Thanks for the tips everyone!!!

05-25-07, 05:13 PM
Mine would come on when I started from a dead stop. The dealer replaced the right rear wheel slip sensor. Working fine now. This has been the only issue I had in my 25,500 miles so far. Love this car.:)

03-04-16, 03:09 PM
Mine would come on when I started from a dead stop. The dealer replaced the right rear wheel slip sensor. Working fine now. This has been the only issue I had in my 25,500 miles so far. Love this car.:)
Wait, you are having electrical problems before your car reached 25k miles and you still love it? Isn't it ironic that ALL OF THE PROBLEMS end up being the sensor itself? Seems like they build a great car but put these things on it that go bad so that they can charge you money to replace a cheap sensor, it never seems to be what ever it is that it is sensing. haha

03-04-16, 04:05 PM
Hmmm, 9 year old thread.

03-04-16, 08:40 PM
Yes, replace the clock spring in the steering wheel. Check codes, but it is likely the issue.