: 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

05-17-07, 06:44 AM
Is it true that the V8 AWD 2007 SRX has the old 5 speed, NOT the NEW 6 speed transmission? Thanks

05-17-07, 07:08 AM
That is false. It has the 6 speed.

05-17-07, 10:20 AM
right on TSS

5 speed for V6

05-17-07, 03:28 PM
The STS V8 AWD has a five speed that is specific to the AWD because the transfer case bolts to the tailshaft housing. The RPO code is MV3. MX7 is the code for the transfer case.

05-17-07, 04:40 PM
My 2007 SRX has AWD and V8, ALL 6 gears are there... I confirmed as well with the manual side, it goes from "M1" - thru - "M6". She is one SMOOTH mother.... I drove a 2007 Acadia with a 6 speed, gearing must be different- was not near as smooth, especially from 3rd to 4th gear.....

05-20-07, 08:14 AM
I have Acdia and shifting is a little rough as you stated. I have read the difference is the 6-spedd in the Acadia was the joint product tranny between GM and Ford. Supposedly, they are switching going forward.

05-20-07, 12:52 PM
Mike, didn't mean to make it sound nasty - Acadia shifting - it was good, just not a smooth. One feature I loved on the Acadia I test drove was the Heads Up Display. The Acadia would have been in the running if it would have had the V8 - I am sure it will soon.