: Video in Motion - I know, I know

05-16-07, 10:54 PM
But hear me out, before you say to search or whatnot, I have read every post in this forum one by one from the beginning. I just picked up an early 04 SRX with NAV and the rear DVD system. The 1791 code doesn't do anything, And I know there is no code or hack for the newer nav systems, but has anyone tried any of the "gm lockpick" or similar devices on the SRX. It seems as though everyone of those systems supports virtually any gm with nav but the SRX is not listed, and I know we have the odd-ball Denso system, but has anyone tried any of these or any other thing with any success? Or has anyone seen/tried any of the interfaces that simply take over the factory screen for some other device? I know those exist for mercedes and bmw etc

05-17-07, 07:14 AM
That is a good question. I have heard the picks do work on many GM vehicles. I have heard nothing about the SRX. My recollection was that even if it works, the price was steeper than I care to spend simply to have a DVD running in motion or program my NAV in motion. Aren't they several hundred dollars for the other GM picks?