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05-13-07, 02:25 PM
I bought a certified 04 SRX less than a year ago and has 39000 miles on it. I have had it in the shop more than I have had it I think, at least that is the way it seems. I have needed new roof rails because of corosion, new battery, new Nav head unit, new exhaust hangers, and has been in there a lot for trans problems. The computer has been reset or replaced, what ever they do, twice. And now the brakes are squeaking so bad, I cant drive with my windows open in town. Oh, I think the paint is crap also because it seems to scratch so easy. I love the car, and I would get another one, I am just wondering if these are common problems and what else I should look out for. Thank god it is certified, otherwise I would be broke for all the repairs. My biggest concern is the squeaky brakes. What can I do to stop the sqeak? Dealer says they are ok, but I am nervous.


Smokin' SRX
05-14-07, 09:35 AM
Hey friend, these are extra unusual problems. See the posts on "brakes" all around your post! My paint is thick and looks amazing on a shine-up. Hangers gone bad?? Roof rails rusted? I fear you may have gotten a car that was under water! (lotta floods recent years.....Orleans?)

Atypical amount/type of probs. Read some posts for the common stuff. Yes you have some. battery here and there, trans issues, etc. Glad you were smart enough to go "certified" !!

I would trade in before warranty is up, as this is a luxury ride and parts ain't cheap!
Best wishes!

05-14-07, 09:39 AM
I have had/have all your problems.

I feel for you.

I am still stuck with 18 more months of a lease that is way overpriced.

(Feel better?)

05-14-07, 12:40 PM
Hey friend, these are extra unusual problems. Hangers gone bad?? Roof rails rusted? I fear you may have gotten a car that was under water! (lotta floods recent years.....Orleans?)

You read my mind.....

05-14-07, 04:03 PM
Yeah I guess I feel a little better I am not alone. I figured that these are not the norm. Yeah the exhaust hanger was broke, who knows why, after the 3rd day of having it. Roof rack was coroded, and the paint just kept chiping off. The car came off a lease here in Madison according to the title history so not real worried about water. Planning on getting rid of it with in a year, just nervous a little to get another one. Certified is the way to go, no question on that. Only thing they did not cover was the insurance on the rental cars.

05-14-07, 07:18 PM
You vehicle is not the norm. Paint doesn't just chip off a Cadillac.

05-14-07, 07:25 PM
You vehicle is not the norm. Paint doesn't just chip off a Cadillac.

Agree. Nor do they rust. Not a speck on my 2001 SLS - except for rotors, and I live in Michigan .

Infrared in Idaho
05-15-07, 01:37 AM
I hope you got at least a Car Facts report. Does it say New Orleans or Biloxi?

05-15-07, 01:46 PM
I figured it was not the norm. Yeah I got the carfax, and seen the actual title history. It has been a local car here in Madison, WI from new. Guess I just got one of the few bad ones. I still will never give up on Cadillac

05-15-07, 05:34 PM
Thank you (for not judging a whole brand on one bad example ). I have had many good Cadillacs - and one bad.

05-15-07, 11:12 PM
I'll knock on wood but my car hasn't had any problems what so ever. As far as the paint goes I was looking at it this last weekend and was thinking that it looks much better than the average GM car.

05-16-07, 11:07 AM
You may want to get the dealer to run a warranty history report on the car. It would be interesting to see what problems it had prior to your ownership. Doubtful it was a factory buyback as it is local, but the dealer may have traded the previous owner out of it to keep them happy and hoped the certified warranty would keep the new owner happy..

05-16-07, 11:32 AM
Yeah, man that sounds like a flood car. Have them pull the injectors and look for corrosion in the micron filter of the injector. If that thing has been underwater the fuel rails will have rust where they meet up with the injector, and there will be a big clumps of crap on the injectors. And just look for water marks. They will be under the carpet, behind the dash, on the seatbelt bolts, just look for corrosion. We bought a Trailblazer at auction for our lot, it had a clean car fax, but it had a waterline behind the dash, and a bunch of shotty electrical work done back there too.