: Cadillac of Naperville GO SOMEWHERE ELSE

05-10-07, 09:29 AM
For those in Chicago-land, avoid Cadillac of Naperville! I needed a second FOB for my car so I get a quote from them: $60 if you buy their FOB and then they will program it for you for free. I say "I can get a FOB off eBay for $10, how much to program that one?" They reply "$60 to program an outside FOB". I say "the seller says he'll include programming instructions" and the dealer claims "it won't work...you need a $2000 computer that only dealers have to program the FOBs." I buy from the guy on eBay, programmed the thing myself with no computer and everything works fine. So either Cadillac of Naperville is trying to hose me over or they don't know their Cadillacs.

Different occasion. My alternator goes out so I ask the guy at the service department at Cadillac of Naperville for a quote. I don't remember what price he gave me, but it was high so I asked whats up. He says you have to drop the A/C compressor to get the alternator out which is a good chunk of labor. So I go to my local mechanic and the job did take him a while cuz he had to move the radiator, but definitely not the A/C compressor. So once again Cadillac of Naperville was either lying to me or they don't know their cars...either way that's NOT who I want to give my biz to/NOT the people I want working on my car. DON'T DEAL WITH CADILLAC OF NAPERVILLE.

12-19-11, 05:44 PM
After my VERY BAD EXPERIENCE, I strongly agree with you! I was always very satisfied with Cadillac of Naperville until today. I leased a Cadillac Escalade from Cadillac of Naperville and was very satisfied with the non-pushy sales staff. A few years later when lease was up and I was ready to purchase an Escalade, after doing all the research, their used car prices were significantly higher than any other dealer. I ended up buying an Escalade from another dealer. Since I was always very satisfied with Cadillac of Naperville, I had all of my service completed there. At first, I was rather annoyed with the service department for not offering me an Escalade Courtesy Car. They offered me at first an Enterprise car. I requested and Escalade loaner car or at least one of their loaner cars. Finally, I get a call from the service staff to make an appointment for service and they will have a car. I arrived at my appointment and had to wait an hour for a car. A day later, I get a call from service with all the "additional" things that need to be replaced. I gave them the ok and they repaired it all. When I got the Escalade back, $1200 later, it still had issues. So I made another appointment to bring it back. I did the same process all over again. $2400 later it was all "fixed". I pick up the truck again and drive it for a week and has more issues so I made another appointment. They said that I needed a new air compressor for the air ride system. I give them the ok for this repair and once "fixed" I picked up the Escalade. A week or so goes by and I had to move my boat. I hitch it up and the compressor kicks on and raises the truck rear end very high. All you hear is the truck, compressor, and a loud "air" leak. So after the inconvenience of the trailer tongue falling on me, I made ANOTHER appointment for the Escalade. This time they said that the problem was something that they over looked. The Escalade had bad air bags in the rear. So at my expense, again, they replaced them. They also noticed transmission fluid leaks and apologized for not noticing that the last few times as well. I get a call late afternoon on a Friday explaining all this. I gave the OK as usual. Then I have a missed call on my phone from B.J. in service. I didn't see a voicemail so I called right back within minutes and they said the B.J. has left for the day. I didn't think anything of it. So this morning, B.J. leaves me an inappropriate, unprofessional, and surprising voicemail. In the voicemail he is speaking in a tone that one would use when talking to a child. His voicemail said that I need to bring back the loaner vehicle ASAP this morning as they have it promised out to someone. He also proceeds to say that if I want to have the privilege of using their loaners I cannot "keep" them. Also, in the voicemail, he says that I'm abusing the use of their loaners. Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't I get a call from him FIRST explaining the vehicle is ready? When I was waiting for a loaner vehicle, I'm sure he didn't call another customer with the same rude, unprofessional tone and message. After this unpleasant experience, I would not recommend anyone to use their service department. I have spent a lot of money with the Cadillac of Naperville service department. I feel that I was taken advantage of, treated VERY unfairly, and I do not believe that the situation was addressed on Cadillac of Naperville's part. Aside from their over-priced services, I trusted the service department. I hope everyone that reads this takes this into consideration before having their Cadillac repaired at Cadillac of Naperville.