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05-08-07, 01:40 PM
Anyone install the Utility Bars and roof bike mounts? My wife and I like to bike, and i am sick of cramming them in the back. Does anyone know if the utiliy bars disconect easy so i can remove them when we are not using them.


SRX Utility Bars:
SRX Bike Carrier ( I will need two):
http://cadillac.autowebaccessories.com/store/cadillac-srx-bike-carrier-prod1045_10374.php?usid=b1c867cce02c9c66fb2ddf0aea b561f1

john d
05-08-07, 06:22 PM
I've had easier bars to mount/dismount in the past but they didn't lock with a key like the GM utility bars do...at all four points.
Probably takes 5 minutes to mount both and another 5 minutes to remove.
Not a big deal but add the bike rack mounting time then lifting the bikes on and off and you may keep loading the bikes inside if you don't need the interior space on your trips.
Nice thing about the GM bars is they are bridged high enough to allow for full ultra view opening and any loads like a sheet of plywood hanging over the rear hatch door clears the "rubber-ducky/shark fin" rear mount antenna.
Another approach is a trailer hitch with a bike rack. That's what I use and don't need to stress the back lifting the bikes or worse dropping the bikes and gouging the paint, breaking the glass or denting the sheet metal....

05-11-07, 01:31 PM
Good thought. The GM bike rack for the hitch is reasonably priced ($160)

but the GM hitch for the SRX is outrageous: ($310)

Here is a hidden hitch model for the SRX, half the price ($150)

it's not like two bikes will weigh much, so the cheaper hitch should be fine right?

Anybody with a hitch willing to post of pic of what it looks like?