: Bug Deflector for the hood

05-07-07, 02:23 PM
I am looking for an attractive bug deflector designed for the 2004 SRX.

It should be custom-made for the SRX and designed so that it does NOT scratch the vehicle when installed.


05-07-07, 04:57 PM
So I am sure I will not be the last post that suggests this but .....

Bug shields are so "80's". They barely protect the car, look cheesy, and DEFINITELY damage the paint.

The new product on the market that everyone uses is called a 3M clearbra, that is lasercut in the factory to the SRX specifications, you can hardly detect that it is on the car, and it protects paint on surfaces that get bug riddled in the summer ,and smacked with salt and sand in the winter.

It is cheap and professional, and absolutely protects the paint, when it gets old it is replaceable.

Just search for 3M clearbra, you could even find someone to install it at any local dealer for tint. (I highly recommend pro installation)

c5 rv
05-07-07, 08:46 PM
It's bug season and the front and windshield of my SRX are guilty of bug genocide.

05-08-07, 07:31 AM
GM Accessories
http://www.gmgoodwrench.com/accessoriesjsp/accessorydetail.jsp?make=cadillac&model=srx&year=2007&detail=07_SRX_80NSS180&sid=6204077203557454 (http://www.gmgoodwrench.com/accessoriesjsp/accessorydetail.jsp?make=cadillac&model=srx&year=2007&detail=07_SRX_80NSS180&sid=6204077203557454)

They do not give much detail nor show a good picture.

05-14-07, 07:20 AM
Semper Fi, although I am an Army Retiree.

I have been driving for 50+ years and find that this SRX must have an aerodynamic problem. I have experienced more bug/stone strikes in less than two years that I owned it than I think I have in all the time I have been driving.

The windshield seems to be a bug/stone magnet. I have so many chips that the insurance company says they cannot repair them and I would have to replace the windshield.

Thanks for the comebackl OUT!

05-14-07, 09:02 AM
I would have to agree with respect to the windshield. At one point, I thought I had "soft glass" and there were a few posts about it (circa July,2006). More chips than I ever recall before and I am VERY VERY careful ALL THE TIME. My front end is totally chip free though, which suggests that in my case, there might be something wrong with my glass..

c5 rv
05-14-07, 08:50 PM
Semper Fi, although I am an Army Retiree.

Old_Soldier, thanks for serving and reminding me to update my avatar. It suddenly re-appeared after I became a supporting member. My son finished his duty (for now) and is back in Iraq as a private network contractor.

I don't know about SRX aerodynamics, but I've driven pickups for years and I'm used to the bugged look. My Lincoln gets plenty of bug strikes, too.

Infrared in Idaho
05-15-07, 01:33 AM
Old Soldier:
You think driving an SRX is bad. Its nothing compared to a 1993 Volvo 940. Talk about a rock and bug magnet. The volvo has had the windshield replaced four times. Nothing on the SRX, just the damn bug crap. But I did see a GM hood deflector on a SRX at my local Cadillac dealer. Doesn't look that bad. It was smoke-tinted, and it was on a black SRX. Probably wouldn't want one on a White-Diamond model.