: Buying Used, What to look for

Der Schatten
05-06-07, 10:49 PM
I'm getting out of the sports car scene and moving up north, so i figured no better way than in an Escalade. i have a few friends who own Cadillac dealerships in and around NY and they all seem to have great luck with them. I'm in the market for an 03 or 04 escalade, I'm keeping the mileage under 70k, but only really need it for the winter driving and traveling from West Palm and Charlotte to Midland, Michigan. so my question is, what are the things to look for on these models. any quirks or maintenance issues that should have been taken care of before i get it on the road for a couple long road trips?

i know I'm going to be doing the following:
Synthetic motor oil
Synthetic Diff Fluid
changing tranny fluid
flushing radiator and changing thermostat

but what else would you expect?

also, the plans are a simple 2/3 drop with new spindles, springs in the rear and new shocks. Volant intake, and some sort of power programmer. I'll pick up a set of the 2007 22" wheels from one of their dealerships and throw those on.

i'm trying to get out of the whole tuning thing as i've had a 78 Jag XJS with a supercharged 383 stroker, 94 RX7 TT, 93 Supra Single turbo conversion, 95 talon AWD, etc. i want slow and luxury!

05-06-07, 11:05 PM
Buying an Escalade I'd be looking for bullet holes.

05-07-07, 12:25 AM
Check for differential noise of any kind... Howling, grinding, or whistling sounds. Once these are audible, its done for. You can keep driving on it, but eventually its going to break down.

Make sure the transmission shifts properly and smoothly, check for any signs of leaks of course. Also make sure that the air ride system works properly.

Check the A/C and all the interior electronics.

For the most part, the Escalade is unlike the rest of the Cadillacs, its problems are no different than those of the rest of the GMT800 lineup, which at their soul, are just fancy full size GM trucks.

05-07-07, 07:30 AM
Welcome to the Forum. :) Get someone you trust to look it over, they some times will see things you will not.

Der Schatten
05-07-07, 03:21 PM
i am a mechanic and pretty familiar with the workings. i'm going to be buying it from an auction probably so i won't be able to get a mechanic to look over it. i know all the main points, but didn't know if there were any specific quirks these had that i should look out for.

05-08-07, 12:24 PM
I would try to get something that is in warrenty, better yet extended warrenty or certified. Have it checked out by a dealership maybe even.