: Missing Bracket or support

03-31-04, 03:54 PM
When I got my caddy one of the pipes comming off the back of the engine to the heater coil was rusted out. That caused it to over heat on me. We had both of them replaced. But the mechanic that we always go to and trust everything that we have ever owned too hasn't done much caddy maintenance. He was able to get them replaced but commented that there was a bracket or something back there that he had to cut off in order to get the pipes in. Its never given me a problem and has run fine as far as I know. But could this possibly be the cause of a P039 because of something being out of align or maybe vibrating more then it should. I hope it isn't anything super important but after just over 6000mi. it hasn't given me any problem other then that error code. Well that and a suspension one we were getting before. I greatly appreciate your help. this forum is the best and everyone is great about helping. Thank you

I'll get the exact bracket when I get a chance to inspect it myself and get my service manuals to tell me which one I'm looking at.


Anthony Cipriano
03-31-04, 04:44 PM
Not sure what bracket he cut off so it is hard to say. There are some brackets and struts that were added later on to the engine transmission interface to reduce vibration but this is a minor tuning item - not some major brace that would cause a problem. I can't think of anyway that any sort of brace or bracket could relate to the P039. There's just no connection there. I wouldn't worry about it. Any way to get a pic of the bracket that was cut to clarify?

04-01-04, 07:36 AM
There might be a way to get a picture. I'm going to go digging this weekend. Here on base we have the hobby shop. It costs $4/hr to use the lift and you can pretty much do anything you want. Plus they get rid of oil and used filters for free and tires for like $2 a piece or something. Anyway, I'll be able to throw it up on one of the lifts and dig around under it the weekend.

I got to thinking. I think it could have just been a bracket or something holding the heater coil coolant lines that we had replaced. Thanks for the help Anthony.